Extra clear, tempered, transparent glass, 12 mm th, with bevelled edge (excepting ATO2 and ATO5).


Base In cement and organic fibre composite, moulded in a single block and coloured during mixing.


In non slip plastic material.


For everyday maintenance dust with a soft dry cloth. For greasy, oily marks (fingerprints) we advise cleaning the surface with alcohol diluted in water, drying immediately with a soft cloth. For glass, specific products readily available on the market can be used. Hard fibre cloths (linen and synthetics) which could ruin and/or scratch the varnish are to be avoided.


As regards normal maintenance, dust and dry residues, use a soft cloth. For stubborn dry dirt (dust which has penetrated into the porosity of the granite) it is advisable to use a close-knitted or a spongy cloth, slightly dampened with warm water and well wrung out, without applying too much pressure. As for both greasy and oily marks (fingerprints) it is recommended to treat the surfaces with a small sponge dampened with water and neutral liquid detergent. Afterwards go over the surfaces once again as described above. Products which contain solvents and/or methylated spirits as well as cloths with rigid fibres (linen and synthetic fibres) are to be avoided as these may ruin the varnish. Imperfections (holes, streaks of colour) on the lower part of the base are typical of the material and its production method (pour moulding) and therefore should not be considered defects.

Diameter 51 1/8” H 28 3/4”

Foster+Partners is one of the most innovative architectural and integrated design studios in the world. Since its founding in 1967, the studio promoted a sustainable approach to architecture, with a wide variety of projects including urban planning, public infrastructure, airports, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces, private houses and product design. Its architects and engineers combine their knowledge to develop integrated solutions for sustainable design by working together creatively from the project’s beginning. Foster+Partners and Molteni&C deal with each project eclectically through the use of innovative materials and technologies such as the Arc table with its lightweight concrete base, or the Teso coffee table where the production technique was totally reinvented.




Design Foster + Partners

Inspired by the technostructures found in contemporary architecture, the Arc table was the 2011 recipient of the ELLE DECOR Design Award. Featuring a sculptural base in grey cement topped with round crystal glass, this living room table embodies strength and elasticity while being completely recyclable. 

  • Winner, ELLE DECOR Design Award, 2011
  • Made in Italy
  • Grey cement base
  • Round crystal top
  • Dimensions: Diameter 51 1/8” x Height 28 3/4”



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