Steel with non-slip plastic feet.


Marble in Molteni Range finishes with anti-stain, water-repellent treatments.


As regards normal maintenance, dust and dry residues, use a soft cloth. For stubborn dry dirt (dust which has penetrated into the porosity) it is advisable to use a close-knitted or a spongy cloth, slightly dampened with warm water and well wrung out. Clean by following the vein of the surface without applying too much pressure. As for both greasy and oily marks (fingerprints) it is recommended to treat the surfaces with a small sponge dampened with water and washing-up liquid. Afterwards go over the surfaces once again as described above. Products which contain solvents and/or methylated spirits as well as cloths with rigid fibres (linen and synthetic fibres) are to be avoided as these may ruin the varnish. Given the kind of treatment it is important to immediately remove stains following the above described procedures.


In order to maintain the aesthetic characteristics of these finishes over time and avoid rust, regular, methodical and meticulous cleaning is necessary. For everyday maintenance, dust with a soft dry cloth. For greasy oily marks (fingerprints) we advise cleaning the surfaces with normal liquid detergents for glass. Products containing solvents and/or alcohol and hard fibre cloths (linen and synthetics) should be avoided, as they could ruin and or scratch surfaces. For the shiny chrome finish, treat the surface once a month with specific products for cleaning/ polishing metals.

W.23 5/8 x D.23 5/8 x H.17 3/4"

Nicola Gallizia, who was born in Milan, studied at the Milan Polytechnic Architecture Faculty. From 1990 to 1999 he worked with Luca Meda as an assistant creating the image and product for Molteni&C and Dada. In 1999 worked as an image and product development consultant. In 2003 he became the artistic director of Molteni&C with a focus on new graphic projects, concept and product catalogues creation, stand designs for the main exhibitions, design and outfitting shops and events. He works as an image and product development consultant.



Domino Next

Design Nicola Gallizia

The Domino rounded coffee table adds a touch of glamour in Black Marquina marble. Designed by Nicola Gallizia to pair well with poufs, coffee tables, and sofas, this small gem exudes character. Winner of the Wallpaper Design Award in 2017, this marble top table and has an intersecting pewter base in strong modern lines, with one side open to lend an asymmetric finish.

  • Made in Italy
  • Black Marquina Marble Top
  • Pewter Base
  • Dimensions: W.23 5/8 x D.23 5/8 x H.17 3/4"

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