Italian designer modern chairs

Italian designer modern chairs

The chair is one of the most necessary pieces of furniture one can think of: it must be in every house and it’s the first thing most people buy for a new home. Whether it’s a dining chair, an office chair, or a lounge chair, it must sustain the body, be comfortable and resistant, and complete every space with class and elegance. The aim of Molteni&C is to combine all these elements in a complete catalogue of chairs to satisfy every home-owner’s desire.

Their unique styles and accessible prices have made these chairs adapt to a variety of activities, from reading to conversation; they’re the epitome of versatility applied to design.

These contemporary chairs are made in the most different materials: structure in glossy aluminum, glossy lacquered wood, solid wood – like oak, elm, walnut – upholstered in Italian leather, fabric, and much more. Modern dining chairs can add class and comfort to a dining room, while contemporary office chairs can give elegance and comfort to a workplace and increase productivity; Molteni&C’s ergonomic living room chairs can add character and style to every interior, according to the home-owner style. These chairs can combine comfortable design and minimalism, classical shapes or advanced technologies. Every house and every style can find their perfect chair to create a refined, traditional or modern look ideal for dining rooms, meeting rooms, or every other place they’re needed. Armrests and backs of some of these award-winning modern Italian chairs can be customized.

These modern Italian dining chairs are all available for shipping and are perfect if paired with mid-century dining tables.

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