Decorative cushions

Decorative cushions

There is nothing better than having a cozy, comfortable living room or bedroom where one can rest after a long day. Choosing the right sofas and beds is the first step, but it’s also very important to accessorize in the right way. This is where decorative cushions come into play: throw pillows, sofa pillows and large cushions, can be used to refresh a room’s décor and give it some personality.  

When it comes to bedrooms, the best way to give a finishing touch to a modern bed frame, is adding some decorative pillows. Just pile them up and they will instantly turn your bed into the focal point of the room, making it comfortable and stylish space.

In a living room, sofa pillows are the best way to restyle an old couch or add an extra dose of charm to a new one. If you have a sofa with a linear, classic design, throw cushions are the best way to liven it up and give it a fresh new look. You can add a series of couch pillows or just a few ones, to make an instant impact on your interior décor.

You can also add a pillow or two to an armchair or desk chair to add a touch of comfort and style to your home-office and make it instantly feel cozier. Molteni&C’s collection of decorative cushions entails a wide variety of fabrics, prints, colors and sizes to choose from, which will be the central pieces of any rooms you place them in.

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